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SciArchive is a cross-platform client-server application that allows to store and easily access personal or laboratory scientific data( scientific articles, experiment protocols, multiple alignments, sequences, 3D structures of biological molecules etc. ). The main goal is to provide user with an effective search system. When storing an object you can link it with a short description. If it is an article, abstract would be automatically added as a string data to description. Then you can perform an effective search in all database, using this description field.
To access your database and perform a search you can use local client or web-interface, so your archive will be available not only from laboratory, but actually from any place, where you can access internet with web browser.

Of course, you can use it by yourself on a local computer to organize your personal data.

Also you can store data of actually any type, but SciArchive is going to be quite biologically oriented, and there will be several feautures for working with sequences, multiple alignments and biological articles:
  • Interface to PubMed.
    You will be able to search pubmed from client program. If article you found is generally available, you will also be able to fetch it and store it in your local database. If you have read an article, but you don't want to store it, you can store only a description for it. And every time you have it again in search results, this description will be shown automatically.
  • Import alignments directly from web pages
    A lot of bioinformatics services give their resulting alignments in non-standart formats. You will be able to automatically convert and store such alignments in common formats (fasta for example).
  • Interface to Swiss-Prot and TrEMBL
    Fetch sequences from this protein databases.
  • Maybe something else. Your are welcome with suggestions.

It will be easy to translate SciArchive to other languages. It will support 3 languages (en, ru, de) from the box.